Seniors Tax Credit

  • A Conservative government will increase the Age Credit by $1,000 per year, per senior. For a couple, it will be up to $300 more in their pockets.
  • With this measure, an individual aged 65 and over earning up to $37,790 would receive up to $150 more per year.
  • Since the Age Credit is income-tested, it will benefit low to middle income seniors.
  • Scheer said that as Prime Minister, the well-being of those who built our country will be a priority.
  • The Age Credit gradually phases out as income increases. Seniors earning more than $37,790 will also receive the Age Credit, with the amount declining as incomes rise, until it is phased out at an income of $87,750.
  • The Age Credit is in addition to other commitments to address Canadians’ concerns such as:
    • a single tax return (Quebec only);
    • taking the GST off home heating bills;
    • making maternity benefits tax-free;
    • introducing the Green Public Transit Tax Credit;
    • introducing the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit;
    • introducing the Children’s Arts and Learning Tax Credit;
    • creating the Universal Tax Cut, which includes pension earnings.

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